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Homework And Assignments

Learning beyond the classroom is an essential part of good education. Homework is an extension of learning in the classroom. Homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also supports the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of enquiry and investigation.

It is the responsibility of parents to guide them suitably and provide a time and place for homework away from interruptions. They should ensure that homework should be submitted at the right time as required.

The homework/assignment has been given from Class III onwards, according to the nature of the subject. Whatever is the task, homework is assigned to provide the opportunity to motivate student's interest in the subject and strengthen their confidence in their ability to learn and work independently. However as per students interest with the help of parents Class I and II learners are also undergoing the reading and writing practice at their home.

Summer Break Assignments 2022

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1. Nursery
2. KG-I
3. KG-II
4. Class-I
5. Class-II
6. Class-III
7. Class-IV
8. Class-V
9. Class-VI
10. Class-VII
11. Class-VIII
12. Class-IX
13. Class-X